I am passionately creative, it makes me happy. I am driven to create designs that are beautiful, unique and stylish. All of Sable & Black's products reflect my love of pattern and colour. My passion for exercise (as well as a request for some leggings featuring one of my designs) has led to designing and developing my own range of comfortable and colourful gym wear. Influenced by the different cultures I have lived in, and inspired by fashion, art and design from around the world, I hope that my designs bring a little of what I love to you.

Sable & Black Ethos
We supply high quality items that stand the test of time (and exercise) whilst still looking good. All of our goods are of the highest quality and are European made, which ensures our carbon footprint is kept to a minimum with no shipping from the Far East. We use recyclable packaging wherever possible and our paper goods are fully recyclable.
We select suppliers who use water-based printing inks which are free from harmful chemicals. The digital printing process produces minimal wastewater, and since all of our products are produced in minimum quantities or made to order, there is no bulk ordering or overproduction. Our suppliers have minimised their plastic usage for packaging and operate recycling programs for any waste fabrics, paper, plastics and glass. They also continue to minimise their carbon footprints with regards to their manufacturing premises, using solar power, LED lighting, and energy efficient printing apparatus. Our paper goods suppliers are FSC certified and hold ISO14001 certification, guaranteeing their adherence to environmentally approved resource and waste management processes. Both we and our suppliers donate returned or damaged items to charitable organisations.